Self-Pay Move?

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The world’s most technologically advanced system begins with a handshake.


At Graebel, we always remember what brought us to our place of leadership: the human touch. That’s why we never let our technology—even though it’s the world’s best—take the place of personally connecting with each client. Shortly after your implementation meetings with our VP of Operations, a Client Relations Director and dedicated WorldWatch Senior Consultant, you’ll learn exactly how this incredible technology complements our one-on-one client attention. Both you and your relocating employees will have access to our Web-based technology 24.7.365. Comprehensive, user-friendly, and flexible to easily format, sort, download and transfer into spreadsheets or text documents, our Web tools provide real-time reports to make sound decisions.  Our globalCONNECT technology also offers helpful relocation information, policy-specific details, online forms and more for your employees and their families.

With globalCONNECT, you can process and monitor transfers; keep tabs on scores of details like property listings, appraisals and offers; are able to establish multiple relocation policies; and more.

Every detail of your employee relocation is at your fingertips—in real-time in a password-protected environment.

  • Every service and step managed, tracked and reported in real-time metrics
  • Accurately stated events and costs
  • Ability to forecast program changes, needs and costs
  • Ability to have an infinite number of policies online
  • Up-to-the-minute, interactive data about global destinations, including information for every family member