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We’re on a mission:  Excellence.


Well over 20 years ago, Graebel solidified its commitment to quality control by becoming the first company to have its own evaluation process. Our Proactive Quality Control (PQC) team conducts extensive research on our international and domestic services to ensure uniform standards of excellence from relocation start to finish. Since its inception, we’ve posted 98% customer satisfaction scores. In our eyes, that leaves room for a two-percent improvement.

Our Standards
Shortly after completing the relocation, we conduct a post-move survey to measure quality in every phase of our service. Some questions include:

  • How knowledgeable was your Senior Relocation Counselor (SRC)?
  • Did he or she respond to your needs in a timely manner?
  • How knowledgeable was your real estate agent?
  • Did he or she return your phone calls promptly?
  • Please rate the professionalism and courtesy of your moving crew.
  • Overall how would you evaluate our ability to resolve complaints?
  • Based on your experience, would you move with Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide again?

In addition to performing post-move surveys on a monthly, random basis, our management personally calls 10% of the open case files to make certain your transferred employees are satisfied with our service, our SRC and suppliers. It’s just one more way Graebel’s service goes above and beyond.

Executives specializing in quality assurance, as well as all service providers, review this invaluable relocation and post-move customer feedback. Our scores—consistently well above 90% in every service category—reflect how seriously we take quality control, as well as our desire for constant improvement.

Graebel sees relocation as a quest for perfection. It’s why we take serious steps in quality assurance. For instance, when packing and transporting your valued employee’s belongings it starts with communication from a dedicated Consultant who acts as point person throughout the relocation. Our certified packers come with a comprehensive checklist in hand that details protecting the home with rug runners; a mandatory paperwork review before loading the van; a complimentary shrink-wrap for upholstered items; and much more. Graebel has even documented best practices for this critical phase in your employee’s relocation, which include:

  • A detailed move process flowchart
  • Clear delegation of responsibilities
  • An enhanced, pre-move, consultation checklist
  • Accurate survey and estimate process
  • Confirmation calls