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Worldwide moving company, Graebel, is the exclusive mover for Super Bowl XLIII

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January 29, 2009



Aurora, CO. -  Graebel, a leading global relocation and moving company, today announced that it is the exclusive mover of Super Bowl XLIII. Graebel is being entrusted to move equipment and supplies for the NFC-champion, Arizona Cardinals, and the AFC-champion, Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as personal items for players, coaches, trainers and other personnel. Graebel has already moved both teams’ equipment to the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida and will begin the move out process immediately following the crowning of this year’s Super Bowl Champions.  


According to Pat Dolan, general manager of Graebel Tampa Bay, the company was awarded the project based on its stellar track record with many NFC and AFC teams. Over the past five years, Graebel has been directly involved with moves for 26 of the 32 franchise organizations. “Graebel has been selected repeatedly by these organizations because we have the depth of experience, stringent security policies as well as the extensive training that the National Football League needs and expects from partners in major projects like this,” Dolan said.


Although the Cardinals and the Steelers won their respective division championships and their entries into the Super Bowl only recently, weeks of planning, down-to-the-minute logistics, and back-up options were finalized during the regular football season between Graebel, and the Raymond James stadium operations, and host city, Tampa Bay. 


Given the high profile of the Super Bowl, security throughout the week is a top priority. In addition to Graebel’s already-tight security processes and extensive employee background checks, the FBI also conducted its own background checks on this particular moving team, and processes, including allowing only approved vehicles within 500 feet of the stadium’s perimeter, are in place as added security measures.


In preparation for this Sunday’s game 30 pre-screened and certified Graebel staff members met the Cardinals and the Steelers as their chartered flights arrived in Tampa earlier this week. Graebel’s crew loaded all equipment and supplies onto trucks and delivered the items to the stadium. The company is also coordinating the delivery of football gear, including jerseys, shoes, and pads, to each locker room. Graebel is also responsible to shuttle personnel and family members’ goods to their destinations.


When the game ends on Sunday, Graebel will have only one hour to load and move items out of the stadium. Graebel is providing airport shuttle services back to the airport following the event as well.


“Graebel has everything it takes to plan, orchestrate, and complete a project of this magnitude swiftly and effectively, with the needs of both teams top of mind,” said William Graebel, CEO, Graebel Companies, Inc. “Whether it is a permanent relocation or a quick-turn, major event like Super Bowl XLII, Graebel ensures that every aspect goes off without a hitch and proves time and again that we are the go-to crew.” 


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