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From the Graebel Newsroom.

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MAY 17, 2005

DENVER, CO - May 17, 2005 - Graebel Movers International, Inc., a division of Graebel Companies, Inc. recognized its top performing international Customer Service Coordinators and Forwarders for achieving the highest I-PQC scores in 2004. During recent Graebel University training sessions held at the company's World Headquarters, Graebel Movers International, Inc. presented each honoree with an engraved plaque and a gift certificate.

Graebel International Customer Service Coordinators earning first place I-PQC customer satisfaction scores were Keith Bloom, Sara Myers, Cathy McCoy and Hillary Lewis. 

Graebel International Forwarders achieving first place I-PQC forwarding scores were Annie Mouton St. Julian, Sandra Villareal, Melissa Callendar and Jimmy Cu. 

According to Ms. Lou Kelley, Director of International Customer Service, "Moving abroad cannot be easy with cross-cultural or even language challenges but, the outstanding I-PQC scores our team received from customers is strong evidence that each and every one of our Coordinators and Forwarders continuously go above and beyond to help our customers experience stress-free moves. We are extremely proud of our people and the work they do to keep our customers pleased from start to finish."

I-PQC (International Proactive Quality Control) is the company's post-move customer evaluation program in place since 1990. Shortly after completion of the physical move, the relocated customers complete a 30-minute survey covering every step of the move and evaluating suppliers. The results enable Graebel to continuously improve performance and standards. All survey result information is available for client review through the secure website and is communicated to suppliers around the world. The results are a major factor in suppliers receiving future assignments. Because Graebel is 100% accountable for customer satisfaction, if any customer satisfaction issue is discovered, the organization's international management team is immediately notified and works to restore satisfaction.

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