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From the Graebel Newsroom.

This Week, J.D. Power and Associates Study Reveals Graebel Drivers Rank Highest in Loading and Unloading Satisfaction Scores Among 7,000 Consumers Surveyed


Graebel Van Lines Earns Top Ranking As Privately-Owned Mover According to Consumers’ Rating Eleven Full-Service Moving Companies in J.D. Power and Associate Study

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September 26, 2007

(Denver, CO) – Graebel Companies, Inc.   Relocation is among the 5 most stressful life-events.  The decision to move from family, friends and the familiar can be daunting.  Once made, the relocating individual or family rides a roller coaster of emotions.  Emotions and related stress crescendos when the moving van door closes, and the truck leaves filled with a customer’s lifelong, prized possessions.  No longer possessing physical control over their property, stress mounts until the moving truck arrives at destination.   If at delivery the driver is different, pre-agreed delivery dates have been missed, or any unloaded item is damaged or missing the decision to move comes into question, and the associated stress seems unbearable. 

According to the J.D. Power and Associates’ report, “Full-Service Moving Company Customer Satisfaction”, consumers rated privately-owned Graebel Van Lines with perfect and near-perfect loading and unloading scores.   The study released September 25, 2007 was based on responses from 7,000 customers who hired a full-service moving company in the past 18 months, and fielded from April to July 2007.  Performance was collected on eleven full-service moving companies’.  Graebel Van Lines, ranked first in loading and unloading services among privately-owned and operated moving firms, and bested other agent-operated and publicly owned van lines.

“Graebel Van Line drivers have always set the moving standard in customer service.  From achieving on-time pick-up and delivery dates to being mindful that each customer’s move is unique and different, our drivers are unequalled.  Relocation can be exciting but, it is fraught with fear, anticipation and stress.  That’s why Graebel will only engage highly-experienced household goods drivers for our team.  No one ever goes to school on a Graebel customer’s move.  Every Graebel driver must also be courteous in the home and on the road, along with routinely exhibiting great care and security throughout the move.  No exceptions.  These and other Graebel-exclusive attributes contributed to the 2007 study scores,” stated Craig Broback, President of Graebel Van Lines, Inc.

“Our Chairman of the Board and founder, Dave Graebel, was our first driver, salesman, and one-man moving crew.  He did it all. If not for his dedication, strong customer service skills and attention to detail with every customer, we would not be the Company we are today.  We are customer-focused and driver-friendly.  Nearly 60 years ago, Dave Graebel set the stage for our global organization with a single philosophy, ‘to provide unusual service and value to everyone served’.  Today, this philosophy is embodied by every Graebel driver and moving crew.  Our goal is to treat every customer like a V.I.P. and it’s evident in this study’s outstanding scores.” remarked Bill Graebel, Chief Operating Officer of the Graebel Companies, Inc.

Broback shared, “We bring unusual service and value in everything we do.  For instance, Graebel assigns the same driver start-to-finish for each move.  In addition to safe and timely transport, our driver is responsible for assuring residences are properly protected, accurate inventories are made, and moving crew performance is completely professional.  In total, we place an inordinate amount of emphasis on ensuring a professional household goods driver is handling every customer’s relocation. “

For instance, before the moving van door is closed for the drive to the new home, every Graebel driver personally walks-through the home with the customer to ensure nothing has been missed, and the home will be left in the same condition as when we arrived.  And before unloading, the same Graebel driver walks-through the new home to understand where the customer would like belongings delivered.  Because the same driver recalls where goods were previously placed and how items were assembled, this can also reduce customer’s stress-level.  As a matter of fact, our drivers’ service rates so highly with customers that a customer will commonly request the same Graebel driver to handle their next move.”

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