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March 9, 2009


AURORA, CO (March 9, 2009)—This month, Graebel Movers International, Inc., a divisionof the Graebel Companies, Inc., completed a four-month long relocation in Kosovo, for the United Nations, which included relocating over 350 transferees to over 25 different countries.


In December 2008, the United Nations (UN) finished up its role as the interim government for Kosovo. Since 1999, the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) provided a temporary administration until Kosovo was ready to declare its independence, which occurred in February 2008. Between February and December 2008, the UN gradually phased out and was replaced by the European Union’s Rule of Law Mission (EULEX). As on-the-ground support was no longer needed by the UN, they began to move on to new assignments around the world.


As the exclusive mover for the United Nations, Graebel stepped in to facilitate over 350 moves to over 25 different countries, including Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Bangladesh. The early relocations began in December 2008, and the final relocations were completed in March 2009. The logistics were complex but Graebel worked with its local alliance partner and used its resources in the new EMEA center to provide efficient service. In September 2008, Graebel opened its EMEA center, located in Prague, Czech Republic to provide management support to international clients.


“In our business, speed is of the essence. The shipments we moved were all small that needed to move very quickly,” says Edwin Ooms, Vice President of Graebel Movers International, Inc. “We simply could not have done this with coordination out of the U.S. Our EMEA center has done an excellent job in handling each one of these moves with the utmost care and attention, and provided the speedy response necessary.”

The UN submitted all move requests electronically through Graebel’s secure customer portal, RITS®.net, proprietary software developed specifically for those relocating internationally with Graebel. Prior to a move, the UN would send Graebel a spreadsheet of upcoming moves, and then would complete the requests online so Graebel would have final confirmation of the timing and details for each destination.

“A good partnership between client and supplier, and a good understanding of the business were key elements in getting a smooth process set up,” explained Ooms.

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