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To: Graebel San Antonio



Thank you all for the hard work that went into the build out of the 8th floor at 500 McCullough.  Everyone is very very pleased with the floor.  In addition, I wanted you all to know that Albert Fern with Graebel and his team did and awesome job moving everyone.  They were very professional, quick and ready to assist us with whatever we needed. Of course, Will with Texas Wilson as always did an amazing job for us as well.  I’m very appreciative of all the work that everyone did to help make this move very successful!!


Thanks again,


Marie Garcia
Manager-Business Operations


I wanted to commend Mr. David Gil and his crew on the excellent work they did on the commercial move last week. I know that it was very trying at times having to deal with the end user in this building shuffle of 27 people. Again, a big thank you to David.

Keith Ballard


First let me thank Graebel for doing a stellar job Friday with the move for the ARTS group.  The guys did great and were very flexible with myevery changing her mind client.  I did appreciate the patience.  Ignatio did a great job leading the crew.  Please thank your team on my behalf. 

Thanks again for your help,

Sandi M. Loth


To:  My Friends at Graebel

Good Morning!  I just wanted to let you know that we had a very successful weekend.  The Graebel team onsite this past weekend was probably the most efficient I have ever had working for me.  Benny, Jonathon, Richard and Carlos worked extremely hard with not one complaint, they were a great group of guys.  Please inform their supervisor that they did an excellent job.  I would like to see them all come back when we are ready to install the new lockers. 

As always, your Project Manager, Mr. Serafin, has done an outstanding job, very well done! 

I look forward to working with you all as we go on to our next project, the delivery of the fitness equipment and systems modular furniture set up. 

Thanks again, GREAT JOB!

Sara Smithwick-Chapa