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Graebel St. Louis

Dear Rob and Customer Service, 


This message is long overdue and I apologize for not getting this to you sooner.  I want to let you know what a great experience we've had with all the Graebel people we've had contact with.


As background, we moved from St. Louis, MO to Atlanta, GA at the beginning of July.  We moved to an apartment temporarily in Atlanta since our house was not complete so part of our furnishings went to storage in a Graebel facility in Atlanta and part to an apartment.  Our furnishings are still in storage until about the end of September.


Everyone we've dealt with at Graebel has been extremely professional, very helpful and attentive to ensure our move went smoothly.  I want to compliment several of the St. Louis Team in particular whose assistance is definitely impressive.  I discussed Alvin McDaniels and John Bradley, the men who loaded, transported and unloaded us, in a separate email to you and Ron Hyatt.


Rob McKillips and Theresa McClendon in St. Louis were extremely helpful in providing all necessary information regarding move costs, timing, preparation and in making sure our pack and move days were coordinated.  On several occasions Theresa or Rob called to make certain we had all the information we needed.  Theresa followed up to ensure everything was on schedule and going smoothly even when we were being unloaded in Atlanta.  During several of our pack and load days, Rob stopped at our house to make certain everything was on track and that we were satisfied with the process. Really outstanding customer service and attention.


John Null directed the pack crews and did a great job of making certain items were properly packed and protected.  John took great care to ensure everything was properly identified and segregated for storage or to our apartment.  The last pack day was particularly long for John but he stuck with it until everything was packed properly without rushing or compromising the process.  John is a real asset to the St. Louis organization.


Another St. Louis person deserving special recognition is Joel Dyhouse.  Joel is a remarkable individual in that he seems to know a lot about everything.  He obviously has a great deal of experience and was very knowledgeable about how items disassembled, was extremely efficient in doing his job and had a tool for everything.  Despite two very long, strenuous days of loading the van, Joel never tired and maintained a very upbeat, positive attitude.


You should be extremely proud of the St. Louis Team.  They represent Graebel in a very professional manner and set the standard of excellence in customer service.  I found this move, thus far, to have been a good experience primarily because of the Graebel people I've had contact with.  It must be nice working with such a great organization.


Thanks again.


Wes Granville