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Annually, Graebel receives thousands of testimonials from satisifed customers.  Here are examples received in recent months. 


International - Europe

 To Graebel International

Dear Kelley,  

Please forward this eMail to your manager/supervisor.

Kelley did a stellar job throughout this process.  I had been living in Austin for 23 years, and there was just a million details surrounding this move.  

Kelley's professionalism, communication, expertise, and abilities were top notch
and made this very easy for my family and I.  Above all, she was extremely available, responsive and on top of
what was going on at all times.

This move involved our home, our possessions and our life.  I really appreciate all of her fine qualities that made this all go so smoothly for my family and I.  In the area that I live in in England, there are many families that have moved here from all parts of the world. Many have had poor experiences....I am thankful to have not!


Mark Simpson

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International - Latin America

 To Graebel International - Latin America

To Marie, Lisa, Casey and Mindy, 

Thanks, I confirm reception of the transference.  With this we are concluding my move, please thank and congratulate everybody who worked on my transfer.  Everything was very good and I rate the service as Excellent!!!

Thanks to all for a great work. 

Mauricio Cardenas

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International - USA

 To Graebel International - U.S.A.
Dear Ms. Vanden Berg,
We would like to acknowledge and send a special thanks to Lisa Beaver for all of her help and support.
She is a true professional with a pleasant, kind and courteous disposition. She worked hard to resolve our problems, always returning our phone calls and responding to our emails in a timely manner. She is what customer services is all about.
She was responsible for making a very unsatisfied customer, a satisfied customer.
Again, our many thanks to Lisa.
Kindest regards,
Dennis & Cynthia Murphy
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